Treat Sinus Infection Using Grapefruit Seed Extract Home Remedies

Grapefruit is an excellent natural remedy that helps in relieving the nasal congestion and also used to treat sinus issues. Thus the grape seed extracts are said to be the best of home remedies for sinus infections.

Grape seed extracts are natural antibiotics that would help you in eliminating the bacteria and fungus. Most of the effective treatments for nasal treatments involve spraying into the nasal passages.


It would be the best to take it up in the form of capsules or extracts mixed with the water or any other liquids. Unlike the other treatments that have to dry effect on your throat and leads to dehydration but this option wouldn’t dehydrate the body. It works naturally on relieving the congestion and would eliminate the congestion.

How GSE Eliminates Sinus Infection

The extracts are derived from the grape seeds, pulp and the white membranes of the fruit. The liquids from the fruit pulp are rich in antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial agents that will relieve the congestion effectively when take in the correct form. The extracts are rich in vitamin C and the other number of nutrients that will eliminate the infections quickly.


How To Use GSE To Treat Sinus

Take 2 ounces of warm water and add ¼ teaspoon of sea salt and 4 drops of GSE. Let the salt dissolve completely then use the solution to treat nasal cavities by using a neti pot or nasal spray bottle. It’s one of the effective home remedies for sinus infection, which could be utilized by people of all ages. It eliminates the nasal congestion and relieves the sinus infection promptly.


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