Signs Of Pregnancy During Period

Most of the people would have threatened you that getting pregnant is a harder one and a tougher one too. But these are just humbugs. Getting pregnant is all about timings and nothing else. You should have proper clue and idea about your menstrual cycle. You may also find it difficult to find out the right time to indulge in sex to get pregnant faster. Here is some piece of mind to find out the right time to have an intercourse and yield a baby.

Can You Get Pregnant During Your Periods?

Though it said to be a low fertile phase it can lead to fertility in some cases or the other, it can lead to conception in some case or the other. The menstrual cycle occurs in 28 days and some cycle occurs in 23 days and during this phase, the ovulation will be closer and have sex right after your menstrual cycle will enable you to get pregnant earlier. In this way, you stand a chance of getting conceived after 4-5 days of your ovulation.


Can You Get Pregnant After Your Periods?

An average cycle lasts in women for about 28-30 days and the ovulation falls on the 11- 21 days. It has been concluded that the sperms live for about 2-5 days alive inside the reproductive system. If your bleeding lasts for 5-7 days then having intercourse right after the bleed would enable you to get pregnant on your period.

Can You Get Pregnant Your Period?

The chances of getting pregnant before your periods are much lower. The ovulation occurs on 11-21 days only and also the egg will be alive for about a day or two. Though the possibilities of getting pregnant are lower the ovulation period might extend up to 38-46 hours and you may stand a chance to get pregnant.


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