Most Common Diseases In The World 

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No matter how healthy you are in your life but some of these diseases will definitely attack you in some point or other since these are the most common diseases. You might become a victim of these diseases either when you strain your body a lot or when it is a seasonal disease.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is one of the most commonly heard ailments in today’s world. The change in lifestyle is one of the main reasons for neck pain. Neck pain is a gift from the tech world. Today about 5 in 10 suffers a lot by neck pain and according to survey it is found that most of them are women in-between the age group of 16-64. About 85% of the pain arises from the joints, ligaments and from the muscles.


Dandruff is the result of dry scalp and it affects almost 50% of the population suffer by dandruff. Excessive yeast formation of the yeast pityrosporum can worsen the situation. It is ok to have mild dandruff. Severe dandruff is the indication of some ailment or serious disorder in you.

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About 300 million people suffer by this disease. It’s a lung disorder, it causes wheezing, tightening and stiffness in the chest. The asthma disorder is about to hit 400 million in 2025. About 250000 people die due to asthma in a year. Fortunately by taking proper treatments you can avoid this ailment.


Dental issues are common for people of all the age group. There are many reasons for tooth ache but the main reason is due to improper maintenance of the teeth and gums. Unhealthy food habits, smoking, drinking, tooth decay, extraction of the teeth and dental abscess are some of the reasons for dental decay.

Eye Pain

Straining your eyes a lot would result in visionary problems, infections and the other irritation. About 27million population suffer by pink eyes ever year. The fungal infections in the eyes are severe but they occur in rare cases only.


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