How To Treat Ear Mites In Cats By Using Natural Calendula Ear Drops

Most of the cats get ear mites at one time or the other. Mostly you will find that your cat would have miserable symptoms such as head shaking, itching etc. By following some specific treatments you can treat your cats and make your ears mites free. The ear mites are contagious and it spreads from one cat to the other one through direct contact.


Calendula Ear Drops

Calendula ear drops are the best of all home remedies for mites in cat’s ears. This essential oil is available in all the drug stores and you will have to put several drops of this oil into the cat’s ears for 21 days to cure the mites. Though it’s a slow process it’s an effective one. Or you can try out another method taking a cup of warm water and also add a teaspoon of calendula oil and ½ a teaspoon of sea salt and mix it together. Use a dropper and put few drops of this oil into the cat’s ears and also massage it by applying it on the lobes of the outer ears surface. Repeat this remedy on alternate days for two weeks to get rid of the mites.


The calendula is also known as pot marigold. The herb is rich in antibacterial and anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil is a very good remedy for healing the wounds apart from killing the mites and get rid of water from ears. It’s especially because of the two main compounds rutin and narcissi. These compounds regenerate the antioxidant glutathione, which curbs the inflammation and replaces the damaged cells. The soluble sterols repairs the skin and the linoleinic acid acts as anti inflammatory and soothes the discomforts.

The remedy might sometime go wrong if your cat is

  • Pregnant
  • Following the remedy for a longer period of time. If your cat is allergic to salicyclic acid etc.

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