How To Find Most Popular Mixed Drinks 


Drinking has become an age old culture in all the parties. You can see variety of drinks hosted in parties and here are the six best drinks that can take the parties to the next level.

Sex On Beach

Sex on beach is probably one of the light alcoholic drinks which could make your party tastes better. This drink is a mixture of vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice. You won’t even feel the taste of alcohol in the drink but believe me the drink is alcoholic.

Whiskey Sour

It’s a classic simple drink and is also one of the old fashioned drinks that will give you a retro feel. The drink contains just whiskey, lemon juice and sugar. Sometimes the lemon is replaced with the sour mix made up of lime and the lemon juice.


It’s a simple vodka based drink loved by all the drink is nothing but the mixture of vodka and the orange juice. Though it’s a simple drink it will turn your youngster party an economical one and also one of the best one.

Seven Seven

Seven Seven is a perfect drink made with 7-up and Seagram’s seven crown whiskey. It’s such a fine tasted drink loved by all the youngsters. If you organize youngster parties then don’t forget to have this drink as a part of your party.

Mai Tai

It’s a lovely drink for spring party. The drink contains white rum and mixed with orange curacao (an orange flavored liquor), orgeat syrup (a sweet syrup made up from almonds, rose/orange and sugar), dark rum and fresh lime juice.


Hope everyone has heard the name and loved by all those who have tasted it. The main attractiveness is the variety of flavors and its combination. The pomegranate marg from the chili’s is the best of all. The drink is mainly made with tequila, lime juice and cointreau. Once if you taste the drink you will instantly fall in love with the drink.

These are the six best drinks that you bring in when you host a party. Though they are simple drinks they are loved a lot by the youngsters.


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