Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites

Few things would annoy us a lot among them are the itchy, scratch messes of this mosquito bites. Here are some remedies for mosquito bites.

Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera is an excellent remedy for mosquito bites and also for many other conditions. Apply some of this gel on the affected areas of the skin and let it sit. This gel would bring in soothing effect on the affected [arts of the skin.


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Try applying some vinegar directly on the bumps, it would give a soothing effect over the itchy bumps. If there are too many then try to include half a cup of this vinegar into you bath water and have a nice warm bath to control the itchiness.

Baking Soda Paste

Another simple remedy would be applying a thick paste of baking soda by mixing it with water. Apply this mixture on the popped up blisters and you an see the changes in few hours.


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These home remedies for mosquito bite is quiet a famous one for all the bites. Apply some menthol flavored toothpaste on the blisters and get a quick soothing effect over the blisters popped up due to mosquito bites.


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Also put a fresh slice of onion on the popped up blister and see the puffinesses getting sublimed within no matter of time.

Raw Honey

honey comb

Honey served as a medicine for various ailments.  Put few drops of honey directly on your skin and reap the benefits, honey is the best of home remedies for mosquito bites.


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