Home Remedies For Insomnia


The improvement of technology will increase the stress in you which will ultimately lessen your sleeping pattern. Then it would become hard to sleep and will lessen your natural sleeping pattern and will make it hard for you to sleep without pills. This condition is termed as insomnia and here are some natural remedies for it.


Meditation would free your mind and would help you in getting a stress free life. Therefore it reduces strain in the body. It will also help in getting good rest and would help you to alleviate insomnia.


Milk is one of the best sleep inducer. The properties of milk would help you in inducing the sleep and will be helpful on alleviating insomnia. Consume a glass of warm milk every night before you hit the bed, it will help you to sleep comfortably without disturbances.


The valerian root tea acts as a good sedative and would be a good sleep aider. You can brew a cup of this tea and consume it twice daily and if you find the odor be stronger then you can take it in form of supplements. Prepare the tea in the following manner. Add a teaspoon of this root to a cup of water and steep the water for about 15minutes and consume this warm tea before you hit the bed.

Consume Tart Cherry Juice

Mix a ½ cup of tart cherry juice to a cup of water and consume this tasty drink on regular basis and you can get rid of insomnia and finally it helps you getting a sound sleep thereby.



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