Health Benefits Of Kiwi


Kiwi is small green fruit packed with nutrients and plenty of health benefits and here are some of the benefits of kiwi. This sweet tangy fruit is rich in vitamin K,E and minerals and here are the benefits of this fruit.

Can Treat Asthma

The high antioxidants and vitamin C in kiwi treats asthma effectively. In a recent study conducted with 2000 it has been found that people who eat fresh kiwi fruits are found to have reduced asthma after consuming some fresh slices daily.

Aids Digestion

Kiwis are rich in fiber and it helps in digestion thereby. The proteolytic enzyme in kiwi will breakdown the protein and will enhance the digestion far better.

Boosts The Immunity

Just a cup of kiwi would provide you with 273 percent of the required body nutrients and increases the immunity required. The consumption of kiwi would reduce the occurrence of cold and flu  in kids as  well as in adults.

Manages Blood Pressure

Regular consumption of kiwi will manage the blood pressure levels. The bio active substances in kiwi can be helpful in reducing the high blood pressure levels and will stabilize it.

Aids In Vision Problems

Kiwi will protect your eyes from macular defunction, which is the main cause for loss of vision.  Regular consumption will protect your eyes from it.

Forms And Dosages

Kiwis can be eaten raw or they can be taken in form of smoothies. It can be taken in any form such as dry fruit, extract, and powdered form or as a supplement. The quality of the fruit still remains the same.


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