5 Surprising Health Benefits To Drink Coffee

Coffee is a staple diet for France and America. Since their wake up call they keep drinking coffee, here are some benefits of consuming the coffee.

Aids In Weight Loss


Bacteroidetes is a species of good bacteria present in coffee, this bacterium will help you shed few pounds. Apart from the good gut bacteria the caffeine would help you to increase the metabolism and in this way you can reduce your weight. Hence consume 2-3 cups of coffee on regular basis every day.

Protects Cancer


It has been proven in studies that consuming four or more cups of coffee will help you in reducing prostate cancer by 59%. The antioxidants in coffee and polyphenols present in coffe would save you from cancer and its related issues.

Head Ache Prevention


Coffee is the best stress reliever that helps you in relieving headaches caused by stress. In a research it has been found that persons who drank 241 to 400 milligrams of caffeine regularly (2-3 cups of coffee approximately) have found to have lesser headaches than the persons who took less than 241 milligrams of caffeine.

Liver Clean-Up

Fatty Liver Disease on the Rise in Young Singaporeans

Coffee is not only a detox drink but also a curative measure that prevents liver cirrhosis. As per the research consuming coffee would reduce the chances of liver cirrhosis death by 66%.

Reduces The Diabetics Chances


Consuming coffee will reduce the chances of diabetics by 11% when compared to non-coffee drinkers. Decrease in coffee consumption would increase the chances of diabetics by 17%. Therefore it is advisable to consume coffee on regular basis.


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